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by   The Odd Toot
Stoopid Oopid
Sample  (139K mpeg)
Sample  (137K mpeg)
Cut it Off
Man in Black
Sample  (94K mpeg)
Spuds "take them oh take them" Song
Hot Rock Tee
Sample  (43K mpeg)
Crank Up the Perhaps-a-Tron
(No Cover)
My first reaction to this album was to burst out laughing. Just ask Rev. Miguel: He thought I was nuts (and I believe he still might). Anyway, just put the needle down and laughed, and picked up and flipped it over and dropped the needle and laaaaughed, with the stomach cramps, eyes crying, the whole bit. Man, I loved it. I'd imagine the D'n'B BPMs vary from something like 130 to short of 950. Song content is mostly ripped off from pulp 70s vinyl, supported by an inviting cast of oversamples and interludes. The overall effect is that of cheezy 45s played at 78, but done so by Eris, goddess of Chaos, Undresser of Worlds and baddest bad-ass DJ to ever whip out Coltrane. From this, I have taken much pleasure. However, it seems that this pleasure is tough to come by, so bug the Substance folks and they may buckle under.
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