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Avec Laudenum
by   Stars of the Lid
The Atomium; part one
The Atomium; part two
Sample  (152K mpeg)
The Atomium; part three
Sample  (142K mpeg)
Dust Breeding (1.316)+
I Will Surround You
Sample  (171K mpeg)
Avec Laudenum
from my experience, the Lid has always made the effort to give their music a guitar-based core, however subtle it was. well, they got excessively subtle on this album. each and every track is sumptuous and dreamy, with barely a hint of understructure. rather, they're heavy clouds of passion, undulating sponges floating slowly towards the horizon against a cream-yellow sky. the album as a whole is utterly sedating, prime fodder for Morphean thunderstorms. it's astonishing that these guys can generate such sounds from mere effects boxes. highly recommended, and at least moderately available... check on Sub Rosa's site.
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