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Antarctica; the bliss out, vol. 2
by   Windy and Carl
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Antarctica; the bliss out, vol. 2
I feel like this album has opened up a whole new world for me... Having gotten sick to death of electric guitar (due to over-exposure to Classic Rock as a wee lad), I'd written the whole instrument right off. But this album, this album... just absolutely gorgeous. Perhaps I fawn too much, but the usage and processing of guitar on this album is so much more than I would have expected. Each track is long, passive and unchanging, settled back into your spine, dragging you down into cold, soulful caresses. I've been told by my fiend Brendan that it's part of a larger resurgeance of Space Rock, fueled also by the works of EAR. So, as I once again return to search-mode, I must say that I don't know where to find another one of these, but if I do, it'll definitely become a gift for a good friend.
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