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Ambiant Otaku
by   Tetsu Inoue
Karmic Light
Law of Vibration
Sample  (132K mpeg)
Ambiant Otaku
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Holy Dance
Sample  (139K mpeg)
Magnetic Field
Ambiant Otaku
This album arrived at Exotique, and I hadn't heard any solo stuff from Tetsu yet. So, I put it on. It took 30 seconds for me to know that I had to have it. This wouldn't be so strange, except for the fact that I couldn't hear it. Someone else was testing Techno records to loud, but for some reason, I still knew... so I just had to pick it up. Got home, and it was slow, dreamy and and beautiful. Turned out to be my favorite album of 1994. FAX only does limited presses (grr). If you can find it, you'll dig it.
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