The Classes
the Java class files themselves
in all their dubious glory
if you'd like to acquire the WRLD.time classes for use on your own computer, choose one of the links below.     if you just want to have one on your web page, there's an easier way to do it...
one download has been tar'd and gzip'd (for use on PCs and Unix boxes), the other has been bin-hex'd for the Macintosh.     to use them you'll need a JRE (Java run-time environment), such as of Sun's Java Development Kit.     you'll need Java version 1.4.x or above... i believe that's JRE-2.
when you uncompress the download, it will create its own directory ("WRLDtime_" + version number) which contains the base app & applet classes, as well as the chronometer.     a copy of the JavaDoc is also provided.     for full details, check the class documentation page.
current revision is 1.3.
  for PCs & Unix Systems

version 1.3     Download  
version 1.2     Download  
version 1.1     Download  
for the Macintosh

version 1.3     Download  
version 1.2     Download  
version 1.1     Download  
HTML & Java Implementation (c)1998, Lookit the Cat Productions
WRLD.time Conceived (and (c)1998) by jonathan jay

a fine global temporal standard

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