The Many Faces
an expanding set of
clocks for your desktop
herein you will find a variety of WRLD.time clocks, each implemented as applets and displayed in their own separate browser windows.     click on an image and watch it come to life and convey its chronometrical wisdom.     find a comfortable corner for its window, and watch the day progress.
each clock is configured to align itself to an atomic time server... or at least i think it's atomic.     it might be a leeeetle bit off, but not much.     each one is formed from the same class files.     since the visual distinction is entirely based on configuration files, this list of available faces should grow with time.
i have also added a page with instructions on how to make your own WRLD.time clock face.
Ambience Simples jonathan jay
Ambience Green
SimpleMassDigital Paisley
smd paisley
TopHeavy Green Ice
TopHeavy greenice
       the Ambience clock is modeled after the patented chronometer design of Gianni Mannini.
these clocks automatically align themselves to a UTC code, so they should be very accurate, even if the clock on your computer isn't set correctly.     ain't that just the coolest!
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WRLD.time Conceived (and (c)1998) by jonathan jay

a fine global temporal standard

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